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This month our special feature of author John Reyer Afamasaga represents our commitment to bringing our readers exciting and unique voices by independent authors whose originality must not be overlooked. Afamasaga's books, written for use with mobile applications, or to be read online as ebooks, provide a cutting edge technical experience as well as playing with the line between reality and fiction as Afamasaga writes himself into the books as a character. All the books can be read for free at the website which stands for Emotional-Techno Fiction. Enjoy these books and support original, creative writers!

Tyler R. Tichelaar

Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D., President of Superior Book Productions and award-winning author of The Marquette Trilogy, Narrow Lives, and The Only Thing That Lasts.


New Books


This month Superior Book Productions features the works of John Reyer Afamasaga to kick off the serialization of his new book GUIOPERA II, part of the series of works created by his fictional creative team LMLA-Ink. The book will be serialized online and free to all readers beginning Labor Day weekend.

To celebrate this event, John Reyer Afamasaga sat down to discuss with me his goals for the LMLA-Ink series of works, his personal life, feelings about his father's recent death, and where he plans to go from here.

Read the new interview with John Reyer Afamasaga on the upcoming GUIOPERA II. Earlier interviews with Afamasaga are also available at Superior Book Productions' website.



Anyone not already initiated into the works of John Reyer Afamasaga is recommended to start with this book. John Lazoo tells the story of a young man from the farm who comes to the big city only to become involved with a series of interesting characters and be framed for a murder he did not commit. As he fights for his innocence, John Lazoo also falls in love with Genisis Jones. The novel introduces numerous characters who become standard favorites of readers throughout the many novels of John Reyer Afamasaga, himself a character in his books.

For more information, visit John Lazoo.



This short novella is loaded with the plot twists, fascinating characters, word play and intertextual references Afamasaga's readers love.

The story of Illicit Blade of Grass centers on Metofeaz, a writer, and Rozelle, a ghost haunting the French villa where he stays. Rozelle Zofen was a singer who waited in vain all her life for a poet she heard recite the poem "Illicit Blade of Grass" during a party at the villa sometime around World War II. Metofeaz meets the Tourist, who needs a place to stay, and he allows her to live at the villa with him. When Metofeaz returns to the United States, the Tourist remains at the villa, making it her home and taking on Rozelle's identity until they are one and the same. Later, the Tourist follows Metofeaz to New York.

For more information, visit Illicit Blade of Grass


WIPE is named for a video game whose players' thoughts are able to self-create the game while it is played. While WIPE acts like a virus, it also becomes a worldwide phenomenon and draws people together from across the globe in its fantastic power to entice people with its possibilities.

The game is described in the novel, referring to the character Kevin and how he helps to create the game:

"He has some sort of vibe that WIPE feels and then it takes his idea and makes the level...It's a chemical imbalance that is an ideal incubator for ideas. His brain activity equals the sum of neurons it takes to compose a file size recognizable by WIPE's compiler, which it uploads through the controls and uses as the template for the rhythm of the logarithm, which then populates the base of the program, giving it its beginning, end, parameters and eventually its level."

For more information, visit WIPE



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