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We always have lots of great books to read at Superior Book Productions. And like most people who love reading, "Too many books, too little time" is our motto. With so many great books being published, it's hard to afford to buy every book you want. If you frequent a library, consider recommending to the librarian to purchase some of the books you want to read. Then you can read them for free, and you'll still be supporting the author, plus allowing the book to reach a wider audience. Most libraries will gladly buy books you suggest for the permanent collection. Talk to your librarian today!

Everyone have a wonderful Independence Day weekend!

Tyler R. Tichelaar

Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D., President of Superior Book Productions and award-winning author of The Marquette Trilogy, Narrow Lives, and The Only Thing That Lasts.


New Books

"Iraq Through a Bullet Hole" is the long overdue story of the Iraqi war from the perspective of an Iraqi citizen who left Iraq during the regime of Saddam Hussein. Issam Jameel returned home following the American invasion when his nephew was accidentally killed by an American soldier. His true story is the first written by an Iraqi citizen and provides a stunning portrait of Iraqi views of the war and the current situation in their country. A must read for anyone who wants to understand the U.S.'s role in Iraq and its perception.

For more information, visit Iraq Through a Bullet Hole: A Civilian Returns Home




Devil Girl's first memory is of her mother trying to strangle her. She grows up feeling unwanted. Eventually she leaves home and gives herself to men on the streets. But deep within her is power, a desire to rise about the chaos of her life. She finds her soul in poetry and language and eventually becomes a voice of inspiration to other women. Anya Achtenberg's poetic novel is a true tour-de-force and inspiration, and Devil-Girl a modern everywoman and Lilith combined.

For more information, visit The Stories of Devil-Girl



When writer Aaron Abrams sells his book, he rushes home to tell his family the news. But when he finds his wife fooling around with his brother, he quickly rushes from the house and embarks on a road trip across America. Rather than getting caught up in the emotional turmoil of being betrayed, Aaron enjoys himself, immensely meeting quirky characters along the way, exploring how to fix American problems, and bonding with his children. Sam Moffie's third novel is a treat—a summer vacation in itself!

For more information, visit No Mad


Nandell Palmer's new book starts with a simple idea of all the uses and blessings we experience from our fingertips—how our fingertips are so important to everything in our lives. From there, he provides a multitude of inspiring stories from a teacher who changed his life, to a preacher who gave him a brilliant idea. This book is heart-warming, uplifting, and an all around great read that will make you count your blessings and learn how to attract more!

For more information, visit Blessings At Your Fingertips

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