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The holidays are almost upon us, and to kick off the book shopping season, my fellow Upper Michigan Authors and I are going virtual!

It’s hard to travel in the U.P. in winter so this year we decided we would have a book party on Facebook so people across the world could join us. The party will be hosted by a dozen U.P. authors, all of whom will be participating and holding contests to give away individual copies of their books. We’ll also have a grand prize book giveaway worth over $200.

Here are some of the books to be given away in the contests.

Here are some of the books to be given away in the contests.

To attend the party, just go to UP Virtual Book Party on Facebook.

Party Details:
Where: Facebook – UP Virtual Book Party
When: Saturday, November 21, 2015
Time: 8AM to 5PM EST
Invited: Everyone with a Facebook account who loves to read

But before you join the party, be sure to check out the latest great books below by a variety of authors from around the globe.

See you at the party!


This Month’s Great Book Quote:

“Where is human nature so weak as at a virtual book party?”

— Tyler Tichelaar
(with all due respect to Henry Ward Beecher and bookstores)


Stepping into Your Becoming by Nicole GabrielStepping into Your Becoming is an inspiring new book by Nicole Gabriel, author of the previously published Finding Your Inner Truth. While it’s a stand-alone book, chronologically it follows where Finding Your Inner Truth left off with Nicole beginning her life in Hawaii and how she continued her spiritual and healing journey once she arrived there.

In the first book, Nicole detailed how to find your inner truth, and she left her readers in awe of her multiple and diverse spiritual experiences, ranging from working with shamans to experiencing some extraordinary and even bizarre supernatural events. Ultimately, Nicole learned just what her inner truth was and how to embrace it. Now in this new book, she owns that truth by living it and modeling it for others so they also can step into their own authentic selves.

To read more, visit Stepping Into Your Becoming.

Project Management for You by Cesar AbeidCesar Abeid, longtime host of the Project Management for the Masses podcast, now shares in his new book, Project Management for You, how project management can be applied to any project, in business or our personal lives. In the book, he breaks down the process of completing a project into easily digestible chapters and simple steps that will make people not only clear about how to do their projects but anxious to get to work on them.

What I really liked about this book was Cesar’s overall approach. He understands that everything is a project, and just by that understanding, all of life’s projects—large or small—suddenly feel far more manageable. Throughout the book, Cesar offers many examples, not always of businesses completing projects, but sometimes personal examples and stories that help to make his points clearer.

To read more, visit Project Management for You.

The Art of the Nudge by John Geraci and Christine MilesIn The Art of the Nudge authors John Geraci and Christine Miles take the concepts of storytelling and apply them to business to help companies and organizations achieve greater success. Drawing upon psychology and neuroscience, they were inspired to begin an amazing journey of discovery about the power of story that led to their forming their company CI Squared and now writing this insightful book.

Geraci and Miles first met at a storytelling seminar and decided they could create a new way of doing business using stories. Since then, they have used their new model to help numerous companies and organizations develop both better internal and better external communication with their customers. Early in the book, Geraci describes the initial ideas and processes that Miles and he underwent to arrive at the idea of using “Nudges” as a tool for motivating people.

To read more, visit The Art of the Nudge.

Dealing with Autism Randa HabelrihAuthor Randa Habelrih is the mother of Richard, a young man with autism. But Richard is a lot more than that. Today, he is a confident young man who graduated from high school and has a job, but the road to that level of success was not easy. In her new book, Dealing with Autism, Randa chronicles her family’s journey through the maze of finding schools, aides, therapies, and acceptance for Richard while overcoming their own obstacles of fear and frustration. While the book contains plenty about autism, it’s more a story about how to cope with a child on the autism spectrum when the rest of the world would prefer not to cope with it.

Unfortunately, autism is something we all must cope with today. Approximately 1 in 68 people in the U.S. have autism and boys are five times more likely to have it. In other words, we all know someone with autism so we should all know at least the basics about it.

To read more, visit Dealing with Autism.

Walking Out the Other Side by Alan S. CharlesAlan S. Charles, like most of us, has had a life that could be viewed as full of wonderful things, or viewed as full of pain and misery. In other words, he is a prime example of the human condition, of people’s strengths and weaknesses, and the ever internal conflict of good intentions and selfish behavior, of lying to himself and others, while still striving to do his best in many ways. Add in an addiction to cocaine and all those elements are taken to the next level.

In Walking Out the Other Side, Alan shares his incredible story of a dysfunctional childhood, his efforts to rise above it through sports and business, and the nagging feelings of loneliness that he sought to relieve through his cocaine addiction. His story is incredible, not because it is different from that of thousands of other cocaine addicts, but because he survived his addiction and now has a sincere desire to help others understand and overcome addiction themselves.

To read more, visit Walking Out the Other Side.

In Julia’s Garden by Laura WhartonLily McGuire is a forty-something divorcee who works for a landscaping design firm in North Carolina. Lily’s current project is the landscaping of a historic home and garden in Columbia, South Carolina, a project she sort of inherited from her late boss, Macy, who died of a heart attack before the project was completed. Now, months after Macy’s death, when a grubby old man unexpectedly shows up in Lily’s office, hands her an old diary, and says it caused Macy’s death, Lily doesn’t know what to think. The man leaves as quickly as he arrived, leaving Lily with more questions than answers and a curiosity that only reading the diary will satisfy.

What could it have to do with Macy’s death? Lily’s coworker, Jack Chapman, sheds light on the matter after he takes the diary, without Lily’s permission, and reads it.

To read more, visit In Julia’s Garden.

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