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Take Me to the Fair!

Tyler at Outback Art Fair at Picnic Rocks in Marquette Michigan July 25, 2015It’s summer so I’m busy going to outdoor art fairs. Before the summer is over, you can catch me at the Outback Art Fair at Picnic Rocks in Marquette on Saturday and Sunday, July 25 and 26. I’ll also be part of a large number of authors attending the Marquette County Fair. You can find me there on Saturday, August 15, from Noon to 4 p.m. I’ll have copies of all my books, from my new book Willpower to Arthur’s Legacy and Melusine’s Gift and all my Marquette-based books. But if you miss me, remember, they’re all available at my website

And of course, there is some great summer reading below for people with all kinds of different tastes in books.

Have a great summer!


“When I have a little money, I buy books; and if I have any left, I buy food and clothes.”
― Desiderius Erasmus

New Books

Maximizing Your Injury Claim by Matthew DubinMaximizing Your Injury Claim is a “must-read” book for absolutely everyone. If you drive a car, ride in a vehicle, or even walk and have to cross a street, you need to read this book. It would be difficult to find anyone alive today who has not been in some sort of automobile accident, so it’s best to be prepared before that happens or it happens again.

Matthew Dubin has been a personal injury lawyer for twenty years. He has practiced in Washington State during that time, owns his own law firm, and has received many honors, including being named A National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Lawyer. More importantly, as the pages in Maximizing Your Injury Claim demonstrate, he cares deeply about his clients and getting them the settlements they need and deserve when they are injured. Not only does he care about his clients, but he knows all the ins and outs of dealing with the legal system, medical doctors, and insurance companies.

To read more, visit Maximizing Your Injury Claim.

Tangled and Tormented by Elena RahrigElena Rahrig is a phenomenal public speaker and the creator of the BoxCrushers program. She has authored other self-help books, including Are You Boxed In? about how we all need not only to think outside of the box but to climb out of it and crush it. But until now, only those closest to her knew just how messy her life has been at times. In her new memoir, Tangled and Tormented, Elena offers a surprising, honest, and introspective look at her life. Her purpose in telling her own story is not to shock, not to sell books through sensationalism, and not to degrade herself. Rather it’s to testify to the power of God and how He works in mysterious ways to mold us into the amazing people He meant us to be.

To read more, visit Tangled and Tormented.



Somatic Energetics by Dr. Michael McBrideDr. Michael McBride has had an extraordinary career of helping people. The results of his healing methods are nothing short of amazing, and now he has written a book detailing many of his stories of healing and the processes through which it is done.

Early on, McBride was interested in healing. He began his career as a yoga teacher in the 1970s, then became interested in chiropractic, which led to his attending Palmer College in 1982. But he soon realized chiropractic, as beneficial as it is, did not hold all the answers. So he began to explore energetic healing work, which brought him full circle back to his spiritual roots in yoga. Soon he was developing his own energetic healing techniques, and from that, in time, Somatic Energetics was born. In his own words, McBride describes Somatic Energetics as “a complete method rooted in traditional holistic chiropractic, yoga, ancient, and alternative health care methods.”

To read more, visit Somatic Energetics.

Sons of the Sphinx by Cheryl CarpinelloIn Cheryl Carpinello’s new novel, Sons of the Sphinx, fifteen-year-old Rosa is one of those rare people gifted with the ability to hear the dead speaking to her. Usually, however, the dead are pesky people who want to talk to her while she’s busy doing things like taking math tests; in one such instance, when she tries to get rid of the dead person so she can concentrate, she finds herself in a shouting match and is soon after sent to the principal’s office.

Of course, no one believes Rosa can really speak to the dead, so her life isn’t easy, but it’s about to get a lot more interesting. Rosa is already obsessed with Ancient Egypt, but she can hardly believe it when King Tut not only starts speaking to her, but he appears before her eyes. Once she gets past noticing what a hunk he is, she realizes he’s trying to enlist her on a time travel mission that not only seems impossible but downright dangerous.

Hunk or not, Tut has his heart set on his ancient love, his wife, Ankhesenpaaten. They have been separated for centuries, but now she is trying to communicate with Tut through Rosa, and Tut needs Rosa’s help to lead him to his love’s final resting place.

To read more, visit Sons of the Sphinx.

Tutankhamen Speaks by Cheryl CarpinelloKing Tut is one of the most famous pharaohs of Ancient Egypt because of the discovery of his fabulous tomb, but until now, his full story has not been known. Young adult author Cheryl Carpinello has created an imaginative yet historical retelling of King Tut’s full life story in her new novel Tutankhamen Speaks.

Both a stand-alone young adult novel and a companion book to Carpinello’s time travel adventure novel, Sons of the Sphinx, Tutankhamen Speaks contains a letter to the author from an Egyptologist named S.W. Lothian. In it, Lothian includes the recently discovered manuscript that makes up the bulk of the novel; that manuscript tells the life story of King Tut in his own words. Of course, found manuscripts have long been a staple of adventure fiction, but what makes this one special is that old texts of ancient Egypt have long alluded to scrolls that recorded King Tut’s life story as he told it from beyond the grave.

To read more, visit Tutankhamen Speaks.

A King in Time by Mary EnckKing Arthur, known as “The Once and Future King,” has long been prophesied as destined to return in the hour of Britain’s greatest need—in fact, people thought he might return during the Battle of Britain in World War II. But currently, his return remains something we dream of and hope for in the future. What that return will be like and how to depict it in fiction is a true challenge that only a few novelists have attempted, such as Stephen Lawhead in Avalon and Susan Cooper in her The Dark Is Rising series. However, in my opinion, no novelist has succeeded in creating a plausible and enjoyable return for King Arthur.

The problem is if Arthur returns in a novel, then we in the real world are left realizing it’s just a novel—and at least this reader is upset that he missed that return as part of reality. However, I believe Mary Enck has come the closest to solving this problem in her novel, A King in Time, by doing two ingenious things.

To read more, visit A Knight in Time.

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