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July 2014

Welcome to Issue 45 of the SUPERIOR BOOK PRODUCTIONS newsletter!

Hello Everyone,

Summer is swiftly sailing by, but it’s not too late to find a great book to take with you to the beach or for a warm day lying in a hammock.

Arthur’s Legacy: The Children of Arthur, Book OneAnd that’s why in the summer I’m always busy going to events where I can sell my books—so my readers don’t miss out on having something to read for their vacations. My newest novel, Arthur’s Legacy: The Children of Arthur, Book One, will be available at all my summer events, as well as all my previous books. If you happen to be in Upper Michigan this summer, you’ll be able to find me at the following places:

Saturday, July 19th. Authors & Artists Day. Iron County Historical Museum, Caspian, MI.

Saturday, July 26, 10-6 and Sunday, July 27, 10-5. Outback Art Fair. Picnic Rocks, Marquette, MI.

Saturday, August 30, 10-5. Art on the Lake. Erickson Center. Curtis, MI.

Willpower - an original play by Tyler TichelaarAnd auditions are also currently being held for my new play, Willpower, which tells the inspiring true life story of Will Adams, a young man at the turn of the twentieth century who lived an amazing and productive literary and musical life, despite the strange paralysis he experienced that made him unable to move any of his body from his neck down. You can find out more information about the play at Willpower. Audition dates are July 11 & 12, and the performances will be held at Kaufman Auditorium in Marquette on September 18 & 19. The play is being produced by the Marquette Regional History Center, and is partially funded by a grant from the Michigan Humanities Council and matching funds from the Marquette Community Foundation and Upper Peninsula Health Plan. Hope to see you there!

And thank you for reading the Superior Book Productions Newsletter! This month not only are there some great new books included, but also a couple of fascinating interviews with authors. Enjoy!

Author Interviews

Abducting Arnold by Becky AkersBecky Akers discusses her new novel Abducting Arnold about Revolutionary War General Benedict Arnold. When I asked Becky how to introduce her, she told me, “I’m a freelance writer and historian who’s outta here for the eighteenth century the instant someone invents a time machine.” Learn more about Becky’s unique treatment of one of America’s most controversial historical figures at Interview with Becky Akers.






The Bright Idea Box by Jag RandhawaJag RandhawaJag Randhawa’s new business book, The Bright Idea Box, recently won the Silver Medal in the 7th Annual Axiom Business Book Awards. Discover Jag’s thoughts on how a simple idea like an employee suggestion box can revolutionize your business through some simple and practical steps at Interview with Jag Randhawa.






New Books

Feed a Starving Crowd by Robert CooreyRobert Coorey is obsessive about creating incredible marketing results and helping people succeed at entrepreneurship. Besides currently being the Director of Global Business at E-Web Marketing, Australia’s top online marketing agency, he’s also the author of Email Marketing that Sells, and now he continues to share his enthusiasm and knowledge in his new book Feed a Starving Crowd.

What does starvation have to do with marketing? The title refers to people out there who are hungry for certain products and services. You, as the entrepreneur, need to find out what they are hungry for, how to make or keep them hungry, and then provide a means to satisfy their hunger, as well as make them aware that you have what they are craving.

How do you accomplish this? Coorey walks the reader through all the steps, and I was personally blown away by how clever and transparent he is in his strategies.

To read more, visit Feed a Starving Crowd.

They’re Pistols and They’re Loaded by Leilani HurlesLeilani Hurles has been battling ovarian cancer for several years, but that has not held her back from living life and enjoying every minute possible. Even a trip for a PET scan or a chemo treatment she can turn into an adventure. When she was first diagnosed with ovarian cancer and her friends kept wanting to know how she was, she began sending out Monday email updates; Finally, she was convinced to turn her emails into a book, which resulted in Ride, Baby, Ride! But that wasn’t enough for her fans, and nor has her cancer journey ended, so now she’s back in this follow-up book entitled, They’re Pistols and They’re Loaded. The title is a metaphor for Leilani and her daughter, Lani, who helped her with compiling the emails into a book and adding additional material, including recipes and tips on life, as well as being her overall moral support throughout the nearly eighteen months chronicled in this book.

Anyone who read Ride, Baby, Ride! will be thrilled to have Leilani back, flirting with her handsome doctors, keeping nurses in stitches, ready to pull a gun on a prowling cable repair man, or trying to keep up with her missing-hearing-aids-husband, Bill, and walker-using-ninety-eight-year-old-occasionally-buck-naked father, whom she affectionately calls Magoo.

To read more, visit They’re Pistols and They’re Loaded.

Vision Blockers by Dr. Eric ScrogginsDr. Eric Scroggins’ new book Vision Blockers: How to Shatter Barriers to Achieve Your Destiny is a unique inspirational and personal growth book. Many books try to help people move ahead in life, but few have pointed out the main problem they face so succinctly: “The reason they’re stuck is that they have no vision. They absolutely can’t see from point A to point B in their lives, and point B is where their destiny lies.”

Eric, who is both a banker and a pastor, builds on the biblical verse Proverbs 29:18 “without vision the people perish” to create his argument that people need to have a vision of what they want in their lives if they are to be happy and successful. While he uses several examples from the Bible in making his arguments, most of the book focuses on what are really common sense but enlightening arguments about what blocks people from having a vision. Eric says in the book that he came to realize his role as a pastor was largely to be a literal eye-opener so people could see what is blocking them from having vision.

To read more, visit Vision Blockers.

Shifter by Rowena PortchShifter is the seventh and latest volume in Rowena Portch’s fascinating Spirian Saga, and it introduces us to new characters in the Spirian world. First, there is Zebastian, the shifter of the title. Shifters are Spirians with the ability to shift into animals. Zebastian is now a young man, but he has spent his recent life in slavery to Bennet, a Shadow leader and the kind of villain readers love to hate. Bennet is seeking to create an army of super shifters from those he has captured and enslaved. Zebastian has managed to escape, but the experiments have caused him to have moments of rage. It was during such a moment that he lost control and is believed to have killed his brother, Carter. Zebastian’s father blames Zebastian for Carter’s murder and bans him from their tribe. This places Zebastian under the jurisdiction of Khalen, the regional leader of North America.

The other new character is Kaili, Khalen’s daughter, who is uninterested in mating. Kaili has a chip on her shoulder toward men, but she has also been having visions of a special man who will come into her life.

To read more, visit Shifter.

Thank you for reading the Superior Book Productions newsletter!

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