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June 2014

Welcome to Issue 44 of the SUPERIOR BOOK PRODUCTIONS newsletter!

Hello Everyone,

I am delighted to announce that I have just launched the first book in my new historical fantasy series: Arthur’s Legacy: The Children of Arthur, Book One.

This novel is a departure from my previous realistic historical fiction set in Upper Michigan, but I hope my faithful readers will enjoy it just as much and I’ll win new readers as well. This series will reimagine much of Western history and its legends from biblical times to the age of King Arthur, and from Charlemagne’s Holy Roman Empire into the twenty-first century. Here’s a little about the first book: Arthur’s Legacy: The Children of Arthur, Book One by Tyler R. Tichelaar

All his life, Adam Morgan has sought his true identity and the father he never knew. When multiple coincidences lead him to England, he will not only find his father, but mutual love with a woman he can never have, and a family legacy he never imagined possible. Among England’s green hills and crumbling castles, Adam’s intuition awakens, and when a mysterious stranger appears with a tale of Britain’s past, Adam discovers forces may be at work to bring about the return of a king.

Arthur’s Legacy is available at my website as well as other online bookstores. I hope you’ll read and enjoy it.

And thank you for reading the Superior Book Productions Newsletter! As always, more great new books are listed below.

New Books

Life Well Spoken: Free Your Inner Voice and Prosper by Kris ProchaskaIf you feel you are just not good enough, if you have self-doubts, and if you think what you want in life can never happen for you, it’s time to silence those negative voices in your head. There is a better voice to listen to: your Inner Voice, your intuition, the voice that truly knows what is best for you and is willing to be your friend rather than sabotaging you constantly.

Kris Prochaska, an intuitive consultant and leadership coach, has helped hundreds of people overcome negativity and low self-esteem to realize the great lives that are possible for them once they free and listen to that Inner Voice. Now she shares her advice, wisdom, and joyful spirit in her new book Life Well Spoken: Free Your Inner Voice and Prosper.

Kris begins by showing how much she used to be like the rest of us, always feeling rushed, stressed, and second-guessing herself, and then she tells us how she turned that around for herself and how we can do the same.

To read more, visit Life Well Spoken.

The Bright Idea Box by Jag Randhawa The news headlines are continually filled with stories about what is wrong with corporate America, but there are also people within corporate America who are trying to change that, who believe not in greed but in making the workplace a pleasant place to work, a place where employees feel ownership for their jobs, enjoy their work, and are appreciated for their accomplishments. Jag Randhawa is one of those people, and his new book The Bright Idea Box offers a simple, proven, and highly effective way to create a workplace environment where both the company and the employees’ best interests can be met.

Randhawa begins with a simple idea: having a company suggestion box. Not a new concept certainly, but also one that has never been discussed to such a Jag Randhawadegree as in these pages. Randhawa demonstrates how to make that suggestion box into a useful tool to improve a business and a workplace environment. Building on the work of other business experts like Jim Collins and his book Good to Great, Randhawa explores what makes companies successful and innovative, and he brings it back to the importance of having the right employees who are engaged in their work but also given the liberty to work on their own projects and feel a sense of ownership for their work. To achieve that kind of a work environment, a successful process needs to exist to implement the suggestions.

That process Randhawa calls the Six-Step MASTER Innovation program—“MASTER” being an acronym for the six steps: Mobilize, Amass, Support, Triage, Execute, and Recognize.

To read more, visit The Bright Idea Box and be sure to check out my interview with Jag Randhawa as well.

Parenting as a Second Language by Dr. Diane Ross-GlazerEvery parent has had that embarrassing experience: a mad, screaming, crying, or pouting child in a public place. Do you yell, threaten, ignore, or try to appease the child? Whatever you do, other people are looking. Dr. Diane Ross-Glazer has been there. She opens Parenting as a Second Language by telling the story of her daughter throwing a tantrum, and parents will be hooked from that page on.

Dr. Ross-Glazer knows we can’t prevent our children from misbehaving in public, but we can lessen the damage by learning how to speak with them. And more importantly, we can learn to react in a way that will not emotionally damage them for the rest of their lives. Ordering a child to be quiet or reasoning with him is not always possible. Instead, we need to speak to children on their level, understanding and validating their feelings first so we can help them move past those feelings and into more acceptable behavior.

To read more, visit Parenting as a Second Language.

Dear Parents, From Your Child’s Loving Teacher by Dana AriasIn Dear Parents, From Your Child’s Loving Teacher, Dana Arias, longtime parent, teacher, and school librarian, has written a heartfelt book with the purpose of enhancing communication between teachers and parents. Dana’s goal is for parents to understand where teachers are coming from in terms of what they actually do in the classroom and why, and what parents can do to help teachers help their children. Dana has written the book as a series of letters, like a teacher might send home with a child, each letter building on the letter before it to discuss ways parents can help their children to learn and to create an environment that will better allow them to learn.

I was really amazed by these letters because they contain simple information that should almost be common sense but that I’m sure most parents never think about. Dana walks the parents step-by-step through various topics, including how to help children to pay closer attention in the classroom and how a child’s thinking process develops.

To read more, visit Dear Parents, From Your Child’s Loving Teacher.

Succeeding by Choice by Dr. Levi MurrayDr. Levi Murray has written a book that has all the information you need to become successful, no matter where you are in life. In Succeeding by Choice, he begins by asking the hard questions, including asking you to look at your own life and realize that if you’re not happy, it’s because of choices you’ve made in the past or choices you’ve failed to make. He reminds us that being successful is a choice. We can choose not to succeed; we can give up because it’s easier, but we can also choose success.

One story Dr. Murray uses to illustrate this point beautifully is about a friend from dental school who decided he wanted to be in an MD program. He kept failing to be accepted into a residency program, but he kept trying. His friends told him, “Why are you still trying...? Even if you get in, it’s going to take like five more years to finish and you’ll be forty years old before you get out!” He replied, “Either way, in five years I’ll be five years older. So the question is, do I want to be a forty-year-old DDS or a forty-year-old DDS MD?”

To read more, visit Succeeding by Choice.

Joyous Expansion by Brett DupreeBrett Dupree has written an inspiring, heartfelt, and truly thoughtful book in Joyous Expansion. The feel-good title really says it all—this book will meet you wherever you are at in your life and show you how to move beyond whatever is holding you back so you can experience joy and a greater sense of wellbeing.

Joy is at the top of the vibrational scale of emotions, with other emotions like anger, fear, and depression at the bottom. Drawing on ideas from many authors and spiritual teachers, including those who teach about the Law of Attraction, Brett walks readers through the steps needed to reach a state of joy. Along the way, he tells brave personal stories of his own shortcomings and how he overcame his own fears, from being shy around strangers, to dealing with dating, as well as tales of a fictional character named Tom, who is on a quest for enlightenment but can’t help but swear when he gets cut off in traffic.

To read more, visit Joyous Expansion.

Thank you for reading the Superior Book Productions newsletter!

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