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January 2014

Welcome to Issue 40 of the SUPERIOR BOOK PRODUCTIONS newsletter!

Happy New Year Everyone!

I'm starting off the New Year right by giving my editing company website a new look and a new name.

When I began Superior Book Promotions I thought I'd do more in the realm of promoting books but other than doing book reviews, I have mostly focused on editing and proofreading books, occasionally in conjunction with my good friend Larry Alexander, M.A. in English, and owner of Storyteller's Friend, a web design and book layout service. The two of us have decided to merge and rename ourselves Superior Book Productions, which better describes our services. Check out the new website and new logo, and of course, the great book reviews below. Don't worry—the book reviews will continue.

So will my writing books—I'll have a new fiction series launching later this year—and...there's a play in the works as well.

Thank you all for reading my newsletters and being such a great audience of readers and clients!

Tyler R. Tichelaar

New Books

The Visitor's Report by Robert VanderzeeRobert Vanderzee's The Visitor's Report is unlike any other science (fiction) book I have ever read. Yes, there are UFOs and aliens in it, but while this book does have fictional elements, it reads more like a nonfiction treatise, or perhaps like Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels, it can be considered a sui generis (a genre all its own). It is based on suppositions about the true origins of mankind, but those suppositions are grounded in the best available science and logic known to date and they create this book's overall stunning hypothesis about human origins, coming to the conclusion that the theory of intelligent design is a far more likely explanation than creationism or evolution.

To read more, visit The Visitor's Report.



Raising Your Twins by Stephanie WooDon't let this book's title fool you. While Stephanie Woo is the mother of twins (hence, her title, Raising Your Twins) this book applies to raising any children, whether one or multiple. Stephanie's real life parenting tips as well as advice on how to maintain your relationship with your spouse (her husband even chimes in with his own section on this topic) will give you more than enough helpful information to keep you busy being a better parent, part of which includes learning how not to be busy by finding some time for yourself after you teach your children how to entertain themselves.

To read more, visit Raising Your Twins.



Is Being Gay a Sin? by Juliet Jacky HodgeWhen I first saw the title for this book, I did not know what to expect. Who was Juliet Jacky Hodge, and by asking “Is Being Gay a Sin?” what kind of answer would she provide? At first, I expected some conservative, Bible-thumping, anti-gay author, but I also realized it could be some liberal and most likely gay person who was writing this book and seeking acceptance. In either case, the author would have an agenda and rigid viewpoint...or so I expected.

Instead, I was surprised and enticed by who the author really is and how she approached this topic....

To read more, visit Is Being Gay a Sin?


The Freedom Frequency by Karen KlassenIf you’ve ever felt trapped in your life, or you feel unhappy, dissatisfied, or like nothing ever goes right for you, then The Freedom Frequency is just the book you need to turn everything around. Don’t be dismissive. Such thoughts are what are holding you back. Give The Freedom Frequency a chance. You won’t regret it. Drawing on research into positive thinking, science, and her own personal experiences, Karen Klassen has written a book with eighty higher ideas for your life. And those ideas move progressively, helping the reader to raise his or her vibration. Personally, I think the perfect way to read this book would be to read one idea a day and then think about it and apply its suggestion to your life. You might say this book is an “eighty days to a higher vibration” process.

To read more, visit The Freedom Frequency.


Evolving Through Adversity by Seconde NimenyaSeconde Nimenya has lived a fascinating multicultural life on two continents, and now she shares her story in her part-memoir, part self-help book Evolving Through Adversity. She even reveals in the book that she once had an addiction to self-help books, so I'm not surprised she wrote one, although it is different than any I've ever read before because her experiences differ so much from most American self-help authors.

Seconde was born and grew up in Burundi, a place I daresay most readers have never heard of—I admit I hadn't. It's a small country in Central Africa. North American readers will find themselves fascinated by the cultural differences she reveals as well as grateful for the blessings in their own lives.

To read more, visit Evolving Through Adversity.


Nature's Pride: Beauty & Words by Brian Wayne MakiA picture is worth a thousand words, but what picture or poem can fully capture the beauty of Nature? As impossible as such an endeavor may be, author Brian Wayne Maki has made the effort, and the result is his heartfelt poetry collection Nature's Pride: Beauty & Words.

The book is filled with poems on all aspects of Nature, including moments when Nature is still and at rest, and many poems about the poet or observer, presumably Maki, watching Nature as it changes and how Nature provides a moment of realization, an epiphany about life, or just a reason to feel content.

To read more, visit Nature's Pride.


Thank you for reading the Superior Book Productions newsletter!

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