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June 2013

Welcome to Issue 35 of the SUPERIOR BOOK PRODUCTIONS newsletter!

My Marquette: Explore the Queen City of the North, Its History, People, and Places by Tyler R. TichelaarI'm pleased to announce that the e-book version of my most popular book My Marquette: Explore the Queen City of the North, Its History, People, and Places is now available for the Kindle reader at Amazon. It is complete with all the 350 + photographs in the paper copies and for the first time many of them in color. Purchase it at Amazon in the Kindle store.

And stay tuned for the release of my next novel The Best Place in the coming weeks.

I also have several events coming up including U.P. Authors Day at the Westwood Mall on July 6th and the Outback Art Fair July 27-28, both in Marquette, MI. A full list of my upcoming appearances is at my website at

Be sure to check out the latest great new books below, and thank you, as always, for reading the Superior Book Productions newsletter.

Tyler R. Tichelaar

New Books

A Short History of the Short Story in the Western and Asian TraditionsA Short History of the Short Story in the Western and Asian Traditions delivers exactly what its title promises, but despite its short length, the information packed into these approximately 10,000 words is equivalent to taking a graduate level course on the topic.

Anyone interested in the short story as a student or scholar of literature, or a would-be practitioner of this literary art, will find Professor Fatma's monograph on the subject to be thorough, enlightening, and stimulating. All the expected authors are covered here—Poe, Hawthorne, Maupassant, as well as British, Russian, and Indian authors.

To read more, visit A Short History of the Short Story.


Navigating the Marketing Maze by Andy FracicaAndy Fracica, the Marketing Success Coach, lowers the marketing maze's walls so you can see over them to view the bigger picture. In Navigating the Marketing Maze, Andy offers practical advice and personal experience on how to market any size business, reach customers, and get your product or service known and appreciated. He sifts through all the marketing possibilities to reveal what works, what doesn't work, and what used to work and why it works no longer. From discussions about using the Yellow Pages to the latest updates on marketing with social media, Andy helps readers determine how to avoid dead-ends and continue through the marketing maze on the path to success.

To read more, visit Navigating the Marketing Maze.


A Forever Man by Mary FlinnAfter reading Mary Flinn's romance novel trilogy—The One, Second Time's a Charm, and Three Gifts—I thought I had heard the last of her characters Kyle and Chelsea Davis—after all, a trilogy is three books. But Mary Flinn and her readers love these characters too much to say goodbye to them. A Forever Man begins several years after the close of Three Gifts, with Kyle and Chelsea's twin sons, Stu and Ty, now eight year olds, and Kyle and Chelsea considering having another child, preferably a girl. This happy family seems to be living the perfect life until Faith—one of the partners in Kyle's architectural and design firm—decides to retire and Frank and Kyle need to find a new designer...Enter Elise, a twenty-seven year old single mom with a special needs daughter and eyes the color of the river that flows by Kyle's cabin...

To read more, visit A Forever Man.


Winning in Baseball and Business by Earl BellEarl Bell, businessman and long-time coach to youth baseball teams, reveals the many similarities between baseball and business—including both being games and both needing great coaches—and how Little League principles can be applied to business. Readers will be surprised to discover how “what it takes to create a winning baseball team” applies so perfectly to creating a successful business. Whether you are a baseball enthusiast, a Little League coach or parent, or a business owner looking to bring your company to the next level, you will find plenty to put new life into your game in Earl Bell’s new book Winning in Baseball and Business.

To read more, visit Winning in Business and Baseball.



In Transit by Gisele AubinGisele Aubin is a woman after my own heart. She has known the stress of the corporate world, and when her job came to an end, rather than feel discouraged and unemployed, she saw it as an opportunity to take a sabbatical from working and instead spend the time reinventing herself, trying to figure out whether she wanted to continue in the corporate world or to become self-employed. At first, she didn’t know what she would do if she did become an entrepreneur—what kind of business could she start? And a few times, she felt swayed toward returning to a regular job as different opportunities arose, but each time, she felt her spirit rising up against the idea, so she continued on her transition to self-employment, or as she calls it “you-are-on-your-own-and-good-luck-with-that!”

To read more, visit In Transit.


Thank you for reading the Superior Book Productions newsletter!

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