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May 2013

Welcome to Issue 34 of the SUPERIOR BOOK PRODUCTIONS newsletter!

I'm pleased to announce that this year's winner for the Tyler R. Tichelaar Historical Fiction award in the Reader Views Literary Awards Contest is:

The American War by Don Meyer

The American War by Don MeyerThis fascinating novel is about a Vietnam War soldier whoduring the campaign to take the A Shau Valley in Vietnam begins dreaming about being at a parallel campaign in the Civil War. Meyer, himself a Vietnam veteran, writes fantastic battle scenes, gritty dialogue, and historically accurate scenes that bring both wars to life, and raises probing questions about war, seeing them from an enhanced historical perspective. For my full book review, visit The American War. And also check out my interview with Don.

Congratulations to Don Meyer!

Be sure to check out more great books below, and thank you, as always, for reading!

Tyler R. Tichelaar


New Books

Master the Genie Within by Gladys AndersonMaster the Genie Within begins by asking the reader what mask she is wearing in life, why she is wearing that mask, is it benefitting her, and whether she should change it for another—her true face, her true authentic self. Examples given of masks women wear include the People Pleaser, Wonder Woman, or the Loner. We hide behind these masks out of fear or as a way to get our needs met, but in the process we hide our true selves. Author Gladys Anderson advocates that, instead, it is now time for our inner Genie to shine through.

To read more, visit Master the Genie Within.




The Seventh Priest by D.A. WinsteadThe Seventh Priest begins with Tony Rodder flying over the Sahara Desert on a return to Sudan to investigate a strange series of murders. As one of the State Department's senior counter-terrorism advisors, Tony has previously done similar investigations in Sudan but with unsatisfactory results, including angering a British young lady, Dupris. Now he has returned, intent upon finding out the truth behind the recent series of murders believed to be carried out by Islamic extremists with chemical agents. Despite Sudan's political upsets and tension between its Christian South and Islamic North, Tony has a hunch that the murders are based in something much more evil and mysterious than modern day political disputes.

To read more, visit The Seventh Priest.



Ordinary Inspiration by Brian Wayne MakiIn Ordinary Inspiration, Brian Wayne Maki offers poems that ask readers to pay attention to all the small gifts that exist in their everyday lives. In a straightforward, honest introduction, Brian, who is a computer instructor as well as poet, expresses his dismay and concerns over how technology is separating people, filling their lives with largely meaningless communication as we allow days and nights spent in front of a computer screen to replace opportunities to learn from Nature and from each other through personal interaction. In these poems, Brian asks us to look beyond technology to focus on the positive moments of life, and as many of Brian's more nostalgic poems reveal, the ordinary moments are usually the ones that become the fondest and most meaningful memories for us.

To read more, visit Ordinary Inspiration.


Healing the Hole in Your Heart by Judy HoffJudy Hoff is a longtime pastor and counselor who helps women start over after they have experienced abuse, chemical dependency, and many other seemingly defeating experiences. In her new book Healing the Hole in Your Heart, Hoff has gathered the stories of eleven women in such situations who tell how they overcame their obstacles to know God in their lives and to find a better way. The stories are heartbreaking in places, but ultimately, they tell of triumph over all odds, and they are written with the intent to help other women overcome the obstacles facing them.

To read more, visit Healing the Hole in Your Heart.



Shudderville by Mia ZabriskyShudderville is a short e-book, the first installment in what is currently nine episodes. This first installment alone has many twists and turns to its plot. It begins with Sophie, a young woman whose daughter Jayla was killed in a car accident when Sophie let Jayla's father, Peter, take the child with him. When Sophie realized Peter was drunk, she tried to stop him, but it was too late—he took off with Jayla in the car, and soon they were both dead. Now Sophie is an alcoholic, severely depressed, and desperately wishing she could have her daughter back. Then Sophie begins to hear strange noises coming from the apartment of her new neighbor, a handsome young man with a goatee named Ryan...

To read more, visit Shudderville.


Thank you for reading the Superior Book Productions newsletter!

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