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Anyone who loves books is aware of the plight of physical bookstores these days. In the last couple of years, Waldenbooks and B. Dalton have closed their doors, and just this week it was announced that all the Borders stores will also close. Soon the only significant places to buy books will be online or at local Independent bookstores.

In my community of Marquette, Michigan, we have a wonderful independent bookstore called Snowbound. It has been in business over twenty-five years and is a well-loved part of the community, which it also continually contributes to. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful, and it is one of the best friends of local authors and readers as it hosts book signings, a book club, and works with local libraries.

It is very difficult for authors to promote their books locally without a bookstore to back them so it is important that local and especially independent bookstores stay in business. At the same time, stores like Snowbound have been able to promote themselves online and they receive orders and ship books to people all over the world. Take a minute to visit their website or if you live in the Marquette area, stop in and visit them at 118 N. Third St.

Snowbound is the perfect place to buy your summer reading!

Best wishes!

Tyler R. Tichelaar

Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D., President of Superior Book Productions and award-winning author of The Marquette Trilogy, My Marquette, Authors Access, and King Arthur's Children.


New Books

Second Time's a Charm by Mary FlinnSecond Time's a Charm is the love story of Stacie Edmonds and Tyson Garrett. Stacie turns forty early in the novel while Tyson celebrates his thirty-first birthday. As someone who turned forty this year, I found the love story between these characters more relevant to me than one about teenage romance. I also enjoyed that I had briefly met the characters previously in Mary Flinn's first novel The One.

Mary Flinn's writing is a charm to read. Flinn knows how to make the everyday world real as her words cast a spell over the reader, a spell that ends all too soon. Her self-assured, adult lovers will win over readers' hearts and make them want to return for the third book in the series Three Gifts, coming soon.

To read more, visit Second Time's a Charm.


The Evolutionary Glitch by Dr. Albert GaroliThe Evolutionary Glitch really gets at the root of our problems; it explores why we have those obstacles in the first place, and the importance not only of rising above obstacles, but how to remove those obstacles from our paths.

Beyond many self-help books that seek to inspire and motivate, The Evolutionary Glitch looks at the human condition from a psychological perspective, digging into the different personas humans create to protect themselves or to adapt to their conditions. Dr. Albert Garoli makes it very clear that the persona we create is not the person we truly are. Instead, that persona is a mask we wear, developed according to rejections we've experienced and how we've learned to adapt to what society wants. When we rid ourselves of our individual personas, we can succeed by letting our true nature shine forth.

To read more, visit The Evolutionary Glitch.


The Affluent Entrepreneur by Patrick SnowPatrick Snow, bestselling author of Creating Your Own Destiny, is back with a new book, and in my opinion it’s even better than the first one. The Affluent Entrepreneur more than lives up to its title in multiple ways. While “affluent” is generally used to mean “wealthy” in terms of money, Snow expands that title by showing how all aspects of our lives can be affluent when we follow our passions, remain focused upon our families, and use practical steps to create businesses that will provide us with the money, security, and happiness we need to thrive in life. Snow also quotes the Bible to make it clear there is nothing wrong with being prosperous, and we should not let self-limiting beliefs hold us back from making the world a better place—in fact, true Affluent Entrepreneurs not only enjoy their success but share their prosperity with others through giving both time and money and by setting an example of hope for others.

To read more, visit The Affluent Entrepreneur.


What's in the Well Comes Up in the Bucket by Charles LocyCharles Locy literally grew up in a village: the Village of North Kingsville, Ohio, a village where many still had well water when he was a child. And throughout his childhood, he repeatedly heard the saying, “What’s in the Well comes up in the Bucket.”

Although about half a century has passed since he first heard those words, he has never forgotten them and their meaning has largely influenced his philosophy on life. In this new book, Locy applies that saying to numerous situations, discussing how the well water we all have begins as water that flows to us from other people, but it is our responsibility to keep that water flowing and to cleanse it—and if we regularly change our well water and allow clean well water to flow in, it will influence our attitudes and our success in the world.

To read more, visit What’s in the Well Comes Up in the Bucket.


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