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As the newly re-elected President of the Upper Peninsula Publishers and Authors Association (, I know how important it is to network with other writers to share publishing information, marketing ideas, and also your writing with others, or simply to get tips and learn about other writers' writing processes.

If you live in Upper Michigan, take the opportunity to treat yourself to a weekend writing retreat at beautiful Camp Michigamme Friday, June 10-Sunday, June 12. There will be writing exercises, the opportunity to make friends with fellow writers, and several presentations including topics like Self-Publishing and Regional Writing.

I will be among the guest speakers along with Donna Winters, the author of the Great Lakes Romances series, and Jenifer Brady, author of the young adult Abby's Camp Days series.

For more information or to register, visit or email Jenifer Brady at

Best wishes!

Tyler R. Tichelaar

GO! How to Think, Speak and ACT to Make the Good Things Happen by Marilyn SchoemanGet Ready to Go! And Make the Good Things Happen.

Marilyn Schoeman's new book "GO! How to Think, Speak and ACT to Make the Good Things Happen" is not just a book about positive thinking. Although it focuses on changing one's thoughts to the positive, Schoeman goes a step farther. She informs us that the power of optimism is overrated because being told to think positive, while a good idea, is not a great idea. It is actually an incomplete thought. Discover the difference and make Green Light Thinking Work for you by reading this new sure-to-be positive thinking classic.

To read more, visit Go!



Surviving a House Full of Whispers by Sharon WallaceSurviving a House Full of Whispers is the second book in a proposed trilogy of memoirs by Sharon Wallace. Following A House Full of Whispers, the story picks up just minutes after where the last book left off—with sixteen-year old Sharon escaping through the woods where her stepfather chased her with the intent to rape and probably murder her for revealing the truth to the police and her family that he has frequently visited her at night and sexually abused her.

Sharon makes her way to Social Services, but she receives little help from them. They refuse to believe her stories of abuse, but they do find her work. Eventually, she learns how to support herself financially, but coping with her abuse, as this entire book proves, is a long-term lesson she will learn throughout her adulthood.

To read more, visit Surviving a House Full of Whispers.


The Imprint Journey by Liliane DesjardinsIn The Imprint Journey, Liliane Desjardins has boldly stepped forward to tell her own story of dysfunction, misguided beliefs, and an amazing recovery. After working for more than thirty years as a clinical addiction specialist, formulating the Desjardins Unified Model of Treatment of Addictions, being cofounder with her husband of Pavillon Gilles Desjardins, and co-authoring the book Rewriting Life Scripts, she now tells her own long overdue story of an amazing journey that transformed her into a woman with a mission to help others find their authentic selves.

Liliane's personal story reads like a good novel, full of excitement as well as fear and confusion, that reveals to the reader how she formed her often negative imprints—misguided beliefs that crippled and limited her life. One riveting passage from the book describes her childhood as a little girl in Croatia during World War II following the explosion of bombs in the city of Zagreb.

To read more, visit The Imprint Journey.

January Moon by Maureen GillMaureen Gill has burst onto the crime fiction scene with her new novel January Moon. Gill’s first novel, and the first in a projected series, features Chicago cop Del Carter, and each book in the series will be named for a different month, with January Moon being a great way to kick off the calendar year and a fast-paced, page-turning series.

The title of January Moon refers to a strange prophecy around which the crime centers. The prophecy states that "The One who will be the Final Seed of Truth will be planted in the True Mother’s Womb under the light of the brightest January Moon." Lieutenant Del Carter becomes involved in a crime investigation that largely revolves around this prophecy when his trucker dad picks up a young adolescent girl at a truck stop to protect her from some unsavory characters only to have her end up dying in his truck. The girl, known as Sunny, turns out to be the niece of Del's fiancée Jess. And just as shocking, Sunny has died from female genital mutilation being performed on her innocent young body.

To read more, visit January Moon.

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