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Welcome to Issue 19 (January 2011) of the SUPERIOR BOOK PROMOTIONS newsletter!

*Update - Superior Book Productions absored Storytellers' Friend in January of 2014.

This month I am pleased to announce the launch of, a new website for a company that truly is a Storyteller's best friend. Owner Larry Alexander, a longtime friend and associate of Superior Book Productions, now has his own website to promote his book layout and website services.

Larry has designed several websites and done a lot of design and graphics work. Now he is focusing particularly upon helping authors. He is the designer of all three of my websites:

He also did the book design and layout for my last book My Marquette. You will be in good hands if you use his services. Contact Larry Alexander today at

If you're an author, I hope like me you've discovered that people in the publishing and book world are some of the nicest people on the planet, so we will feature more of our friends in future issues of the Superior Book Productions newsletter.

Thanks for reading!

Tyler R. Tichelaar

New Books

Valley Cats by Gretchen PrestonValley Cats is the fun and adventurous story of Boonie and River, two cats who first meet during a parade and quickly become close friends. Boonie is a bit more daring than River, who is not allowed to leave his yard, but soon Boonie convinces River he can get the trust of his mistress so they can have adventures.

The adventures include exploring the outdoors during the winter, visiting a cave at Broken Indian Rock along Lake Superior, and a rainy day picnic, as well as some bathroom antics when the Valley Cats are cooped inside the house in winter. The stories are visual and the gorgeous illustrations by Karin Neumann provide an added dimension to the stories. Valley Cats is bound to have a magical effect upon children.

To read more visit Valley Cats.


The One by Mary FlinnWhen Kyle Davis returns to town for his senior year of high school, Chelsea Davenport is instantly taken with him. But Chelsea isn't the only girl who feels that way about Kyle. With his good looks and tight abs, football player Kyle is a trophy other girls are determined to get, and cheerleader Elle McClarin is willing to do whatever it takes to have Kyle for herself. Will Kyle fall for the wild cheerleader, or will he prefer the more mature Chelsea?

Set in North Carolina, The One perfectly captures a region and way of life. Readers will appreciate the realistic setting that reflects a teenager's life in the early twenty-first century rather than becoming a stereotypical southern romance or a story that tries generically to appeal to a teen audience.

To read more visit The One.


Ride Like a Penguin may not sound like a business book, but it is chock-full of advice, examples, and priceless tools to create and sustain a successful entrepreneurial venture. Perhaps most importantly, it teaches entrepreneurs to reflect upon their values and how those values should uncompromisingly be a guiding force in their personal lives and businesses.

Nicole Donnelly is the founder of two successful businesses—BabyLegs and BigRuby. In these pages, she tells the inspirational story of how both got started, along with other life and work stories, and how she has learned to treat her customers so they will keep coming back for more.

To read more visit Ride Like a Penguin.

Do you ever tell yourself, "When I win the lottery...when the house is paid off...when the kids graduate...when I find the perfect spouse...then I will be happy"? We all chase after happiness, but it always seems to elude us. Is true happiness just a matter of luck; does it even exist?

Author Ibrahim Sabri knows happiness is real—and it can be yours. In The Art of Living Happily, he reveals that happiness is not some magical secret available only in a distant future. Life will always have its challenges, but a few lessons in self-discovery will allow you to surmount difficulties so you can daily celebrate an amazing life journey. This book is the perfect guide down that path.

Read more at The Art of Living Happily.




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