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If you're an author, have you thought about pre-selling your books? Not only is pre-selling a way to build buzz about your book but it also helps to offset the printing costs.

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And have a wonderful summer!

Tyler R. Tichelaar

New Books

ItsAn Extraordinary LifeIn March 2008, Randy Broad was diagnosed with Stage 3 Lung Cancer. After he got over the initial shock and fear this knowledge caused him, he decided that rather than fight his cancer, he would choose to live with it. That doesn't mean he didn't seek treatment, but he also accepted his cancer and decided not only that it would not stop him from living, but he would do everything he could to live an Extraordinary Life. Although the doctors predicted his life would cease long before this book was published, Randy credits his positive attitude and his efforts to make each day extraordinary for his prolonged life.

To read more visit It's An Extraordinary Life: Don't Miss It!.




Like a good novelist, Ani Kaspar starts her memoir "Pelicans, Coconuts & Butterflies" in the middle of the action. We first meet her in the emergency room, struggling with breast cancer and septic shock, hooked up to an IV with a temperature of 105, and struggling to breathe while an unconcerned nurse does little to help her.

The book becomes gentler and more poetic as it continues, but Ani never fails to express her righteous frustration along the way, both with men who have difficulty loving her because of her illness, and with a health care system that seems more interested in making a buck than finding humane ways to fight breast cancer.

To read more visit Pelicans, Coconuts & Butterflies.


New York attorney Lauren Raysor has gone from poverty to success, and she has done it legally and ethically. From working for the New York State Attorney General's office to helping senior citizens with credit card debt and watching young people get themselves in trouble with the law, she has learned quite a few things about what the wealthy life entails, and money is far from the last word.

Follow Raysor as she takes you through 18 Principles for Achieving Success, Prosperity and Happiness.

To read more visit Living the Wealthy Life.



Sarah Dean has written a surprisingly honest and introspective look at herself in the process of making amends to people through letters. "Coming Clean" is her effort to make peace with people and situations in her life where she feels there is unfinished business or words that need to be spoken to heal her past and the pasts of those previously and currently in her life. When she first set out to write these letters, she did not conceive of writing a book; however, she later decided to publish the letters in hopes she would inspire others to make similar journeys toward healing.

To read more visit Coming Clean: My Letter-Writing Journey.



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