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New Books

Creating Your Own Destiny by Patrick SnowI am greatly pleased to announce that my good friend, Patrick Snow, has had his bestselling book "Creating Your Own Destiny" re-published by Wiley & Sons, the world's foremost publisher of business books. This new edition is updated and revised. Filled with inspiration and practical steps to turn motivation into achievement, "Creating Your Own Destiny" is fast becoming a classic. If you want more out of life, if you hate your job, if you need a roadmap for success, this book is the one for you.

Buy it today as a graduation gift and give graduates the next step to success! Give your children the tools you wish you had, or buy it for the perfect Father's Day gift.

To read more visit Creating Your Own Destiny.


We've all seen the infomercials and listened to their "You can have it all" message of how much money can easily be made investing in real estate. Most of us think it's a gimmick and switch the channel. I was as skeptical as the next person until I read Paul Xavier's "Answering the 'WHAT IFs' in Real Estate."

Paul Xavier does not offer a get rich quick scheme, but Xavier does show you how to start investing with no money down by helping other investors to find property. Bottom line, whether you are a skeptic or a believer, a beginner or already a real estate investor, "Answering the 'WHAT IFs' in Real Estate" answers every possible question you could ever have about real estate investing.

To read more visit Answering the "WHAT IFS" in Real Estate.


"April's Fool" is not a holiday prank but rather a depiction of how one man is fooled by an attractive woman—or is he?

Ish, first introduced in "The Guy," was on a course to become LMLA-ink's greatest creation yet. Now she makes her acting debut in the role of "April," a normal everyday girl, in the latest REPRO in the SenFenide Dimension (Dream Dimension).

Readers of Afamasaga's previous fiction will not only enjoy the plays with reality—with each new story they seem to become more and more intense as characters move between dimensions and REPROs affect one another—but they will relish the mystery element of this new story until John Reyer, first working as Investigator of REPRO crimes during the "Negligee Murders," walks out of the role.

To read more visit April's Fool.


Burnished Bridge by Ray Melnik"Burnished Bridge" is a short novella, but it is big on ideas. In fact, anyone who has read Ray Melnik's previous novels "The Room" and "To Your Own Self Be True" knows Melnik takes ground-breaking scientific theories and creates impressive, often mind-blowing plots, but not sheerly for the technological magic or special effects, but to explore and develop his characters. Melnik is first and foremost a romantic and a student of the human character, and secondly, a writer of science fiction. His use of science is always integral to the plot and the characters, enhancing and illuminating the situations. If "Sci-Fi Romance" is not already considered a legitimate literary genre, Melnik is well on his way to creating it. You'll never see the end of this novella coming!

To read more visit Burnished Bridge.



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