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Welcome to Issue 15 (May 2010) of the SUPERIOR BOOK PROMOTIONS newsletter!

Let me begin by saying Congratulations to Brett Clay, author of Selling Change. You can read a review of Brett Clay's book here. Since we reviewed it, the book has gone on to win or be a finalist in three award contests in the business book category, including the IPPY Awards.

Next weekend, if you're in the Marquette, Michigan area, be sure to join us Saturday, May 15 from 10-4:30 at the Peter White Public Library for the 12th Annual UPPAA (Upper Peninsula Publishers and Authors Association) Conference. As the organization's current president, I am confident we have put together an informative conference about publishing, writing, and book marketing this year. Get advice from veteran self-publishers, tips on book printing, public speaking, financial planning, and find out the latest on e-books. You can even join me for a session on creating fiction and keeping track of all the character details. For more information and to register, visit

Hope to see you there!

Tyler R. Tichelaar

New Books

One of the most important books we have ever reviewed at Superior Book Productions, "Rewriting Life Scripts" is long overdue. While addictions have become better understood and treatments have been developed for addicts, the addict's family has been left in the shadows, wondering "What comes next?" Families have struggled with their loved ones who are addicted, tried to help them, tried to control them, and basically expended their energy while developing unhealthy codependent behaviors of their own. What do families do in this state? How do they make sense of how their loved one became addicted, of the often crazy way they reacted to that addiction, and how do they put their lives back together so everyone in the family unit can again feel stable, healthy, and safe? This book has the answers that lead to healing.

To read more visit Rewriting Life Scripts.


Jack Fecker knows how to run a business creatively and successfully. In fact, he believes the more creativity, the greater the success will be. A case in point is the story of his successful restaurant "The Breadline & Soup Kitchen." What is the secret to Jack Fecker's success? It's definitely creativity: thinking outside of the box, envisioning what you want, and not being afraid to go after your dreams. Throughout "Becoming a Creative Entrepreneur," Jack provides innovative yet practical methods for taking your business to the next level, whatever that business might be.

To read more visit Becoming a Creative Entrepreneur.


"Graceful Divorce Solutions" fulfills its subtitle's promise to save you "Time, Money, and Your Sanity." As a lawyer, Marcy Jones realized the need for people to understand their options when divorcing, and for lawyers to understand the emotional components of a divorce. Jones thoroughly explains why the legal system should not be involved in most divorce cases, including that law was designed for criminal issues and to settle disputes between people who had done business together but who would not have long-term relationships afterward. By contrast, when two spouses divorce who have children, they remain a family and need to communicate with each other on a regular basis.

To read more visit Graceful Divorce Solutions.



Malika Anderson, long-time life coach, advocate, and enthusiast for women, breaks stereotypes by telling us what a Real Woman is and how to be one. In her definition, the Almost-Perfect Woman is: (1) in no way flawless; (2) messes up often, talks too much; (3) wears glasses or contacts; (4) is goofy or awkward sometimes and has many bad hair days; (5) misses the mark way too much; (6) struggles to manage her emotions and gets mad at people who cannot drive; (7) can't get a handle on things and doesn't always fit in; (8) is always on a diet or is overweight or underweight but never small enough in just the "right" way; (9) is way too nice; (10) has anger issues; (11) always gets the raw deal and has had enough.

With that reality check, Anderson provides tips for women to survive and have an Almost-Perfect Life.

To read more visit The Real Woman's Guide.

Thank you for reading the Superior Book Productions newsletter!

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