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Welcome to Issue 14 (April 2010) of the SUPERIOR BOOK PROMOTIONS newsletter!

Spring has finally sprung, and with it comes the opportunity for more readers to meet authors and for more authors to promote their books.

Outdoor book and arts and craft fairs are popular places to buy and sell books in the spring, summer, and fall. Whether you're an author or a reader, check out any in your area. Often they go on for two or three days and attract thousands of people.

A few tips for success at selling books during these events include:

* Make sure you have a tent or at least something to cover your books if it rains.

* Offer Show Specials: special prices for just the show or package specials.

* Bring plenty of water to drink, sunscreen, a hat, or anything to offset hot or humid weather.

* Remember that these events are supposed to be fun. Don't stress over it. Relax. Enjoy greeting and talking to people.

You can find me this summer at the Outback Art Fair in Marquette, MI July 24-25. Check out for more events I'll be at this spring and summer.

Tyler R. Tichelaar

Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D., President of Superior Book Productions and award-winning author of The Marquette Trilogy, Narrow Lives, and The Only Thing That Lasts.

New Books

The Book of Eli by Sam Moffie

Sam Moffie, the author of three previous novels, including "No Mad," has written a new kind of novel that takes both familiar and different turns from his previous work. The humor his readers have come to love is here, the quirky characters are familiar; in fact, many are very familiar since they are almost all famous dead people, yet Moffie helps us to see many of those departed sages in a new light. How? Because his main character, Eli Canaan, talks to them in Heaven. But don't worry. "The Book of Eli" is no deep soul-searching book—well, sort of, but Moffie's humor saves it from being too serious.

To read more, visit The Book of Eli.


Revolutionizing Your Health by Dr. Marvin KunikiyoDr. Marvin Kunikiyo takes readers on a journey through the history of healthcare, a journey through their own bodies, and his own personal journey as a child who suffered from asthma, a young man who experienced the benefits of chiropractic care which inspired him to become a chiropractor himself, and as a professional in the healthcare field who cares about his patients. Dr. Kunikiyo now is sharing what he has learned in "Revolutionizing Your Health." It is at times an alarming message when he details what is wrong with the current healthcare system, but it is also an informative message, and ultimately an inspiring and empowering one—a message that says we are capable of caring for our own bodies and bringing them to a level of radiant health by taking basic natural and common sense care of them.

To read more visit Revolutionizing Your Health.


Beating All Odds by Dr. Taylor ClarkDr. Taylor Clark knows what it takes to succeed, and his new book "Beating All Odds: Discover Exactly How You Can Succeed in Business and Life" is filled with practical and inspiring material to help you figure out what you want, set goals, and create a mission statement that will get you where you want to go. At the same time, Clark reminds us not to chase the almighty dollar at the expense of our relationships with family and friends, our personal health, or our wellbeing. He provides ways to find balance between work and family, and weigh the value of time and money.

To read more, visit Beating All Odds.



Choosing Your Healthy Path by Marnie DominyMarnie Dominy has written a step-by-step book that makes weight loss and better health a practical, realizable, and not overly difficult goal. Rather than offering a "quick fix" to losing weight, which will usually result in gaining it back soon after, Dominy teaches us how to make gradual changes for the better. One can easily read this book alone and follow its suggestions, but Dominy suggests we make losing weight into a party by finding a few friends and forming a "weight loss club" to support us, allowing us to have fun in the process while reading her book a chapter a week and discussing and implementing the changes in it.

To read more, visit Choosing Your Healthy Path.



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