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Welcome to Issue 13 (March 2010) of the SUPERIOR BOOK PROMOTIONS newsletter!

Are you a book lover? I trust you are or you wouldn't be reading this newsletter.

How do you find out about great new books? Sometimes we limit ourselves to a certain genre, a certain type of book we enjoy. It's good now and then to expand our horizons. In the Internet age, it's easy enough to go online to buy a book, but that usually is very focused searching. Here are a few great ways to discover new books.

The Public Library. I trust libraries will outlive the age of the Internet. I love going to the library. I always come home with more books than I intended because as I go looking for a specific book, the covers of dozens of others catch my eyes. Some of my greatest discoveries have been at the library.

The local independent bookstore. The advantage of the independent bookstore is that the employees really do read books, they know the local authors, they are community book involved. Ask them what they like and what they recommend—they know what people buy and hear recommendations from all the customers.

Join a Book Club. Libraries and independent bookstores frequently sponsor book clubs. It's a great way to find other readers like yourself with similar tastes, yet different reading backgrounds and experiences, and finally, you have people reading the book you are reading, other people to talk to about books. If you can't find a book club locally, look online.

And as always, keep reading!

Tyler R. Tichelaar

New Books

Emily Soroko has written one of the most spiritually uplifting and inspirational books in years with "Rising Above Adversity." The book's cover of an eagle flying across a sunlit sky was inspired not only by the beauty of her native Kenya but the depiction of the eagle in the Bible; this magnificent bird serves as an analogy for how adversity makes people stronger and leads them on to the next great adventure in their lives.

Soroko tells not only her personal story, but she ties in biblical stories of heroic men and women whose faith carried them through difficult times, and she honors friends and family members who played a significant role in her life, helping her become courageous and faithful in the Lord.

To read more visit Rising Above Adversity.


Readers of John Reyer Afamasaga's multi-faceted etfiction stories that include “Lazoo” and the "GUIOPERA" will little anticipate the extremes of playing with reality and fiction that occur in "The Guy."

The story begins when The Guy and Ms. Ish, aka "The Girl" flee to Neon City, or are they there to serve a higher purpose? The Guy is a Conceptualizer for John Reyer Afamasaga's storytelling crew LMLA-ink. The Girl is his muse, whom he cannot inspire with his work here on planet earth, so he escapes with her to a place not so factual, not dissimilar to a dream—the SenFenide Dimension, where the gravitational pull of ideals, is less weighty, and where he manages to see the entity Ish, the divine being, who actually drew him to her in reality.

To read more visit "The Guy".




Soaring Beyond Fear by Perry ChinnFor a long time, I have believed that fear is the primary blockade that keeps the human race from fulfilling its full potential, so I was eager to read Perry Chinn’s new book "Soaring Beyond Fear: How to Overcome Your Self-Imposed Limits."

The best part of this book, for me, is that Perry Chinn shares his personal story of how fear originated in his life, how he overcame it, and how he continues to overcome it. People will always feel fear—it's part of the human condition—but they can also put it in its place, keep an eye on it, and not let it distract them from living their lives fully. Chinn has succeeded in controlling his fear and now he provides answers for how you can do the same.

To read more visit Soaring Beyond Fear.


Money in the GroundBrian Cabell’s "Money in the Ground" is an intriguing story about a proposed mine in present day Upper Michigan and the controversy that erupts in the community as a result.

The effective opening scene sets the tone when a house is burned down, the third in the neighborhood of the small fictional town of Peebles, Michigan. The homeowners are insistent that Maxo Mining is responsible for the fire because it wants to keep them quiet for being opponents of the proposed iron mine.

Intrigue, greed, murder, and romance make this story a true page-turner.

To read more visit Money in the Ground.




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