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Welcome to Issue 12 (February 2010) of the SUPERIOR BOOK PROMOTIONS newsletter!

It's been a year now since the Superior Book Productions newsletter began. Thank you to all our readers who visit the website, support the authors and books we promote, and continue to love to read!

And of course, thank you to our authors who use our editing, proofreading, and review services. We're happy to be here for you!

Look for more great books and author interviews in the coming year!

Tyler R. Tichelaar

New Books

Brett Clay, author of "Forceful Selling" is back with a new book, which can be read as a companion book, or by itself. Clay explains why it is imperative that in the twenty-first century, salespeople must be agents of change because four major forces are changing the current business world. In "Selling Change," Clay gives the modern salesperson the tools necessary to stay competitive and make the sale amid constant change. Divided into 101+ Secrets and full of entertaining cartoons to bring Clay's points home, "Selling Change" will change salespeople's lives.

To read more visit Selling Change.




"Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey" is everything you ever needed to know about using coupons to save big. I have to admit upfront I was skeptical at first that coupons could provide the kinds of savings the authors promise, but as I read through the secrets in this book, I was completely won over. These ladies know what they are doing with coupons; it's completely ethical, really not that "krazy" at all except when it comes to the gigantic savings, and some of the shrewdest business advice imaginable.

To read more visit Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey.



Are ghosts real? Do they come back to haunt the living, or do they just seek justice for crimes committed against them? Retired mystery writer Daniel McCormack is about to find out the answers to these questions in "The Marilynn Gaines Murder." The plotting is unconventional and far from the typical horror stories readers might suspect; rather the story is a tale of wrongs being righted and enduring love, along with some political red tape to add reality and frustration to the main character's experience.

To read more visit The Marilynn Gaines Murder.




Currency of thoughtThis month we feature the third and final volume of Debi Waldeck's "IN THE BEGINNING...there was wellness" series. In "The Currency of Thought," Waldeck's discussion on health includes financial well-being. This third book is my personal favorite in the series because so many people worry daily just about making ends meet, not realizing how they can live lives of abundance if they only look more closely at their relationships with money. Many people probably don't even realize they have a relationship with money, usually a love-hate relationship. Find out how to improve your money relationship with this book.

For more, visit The Currency of Thought.




Thank you for reading the Superior Book Productions newsletter!

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