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Interview with Natalie Kawai, author of Conversations with Mother Goddess

Today, I, Tyler Tichelaar, have the pleasure of speaking with Natalie Kawai, the author of Conversations with Mother Goddess: Finding Everlasting Peace and Natural Radiance in Your Life, which is one of the most interesting books I’ve ever read about religion, spirituality, the ego, and consciousness, although Natalie might say that she didn’t write it so much as channel it, as will be explained.

Natalie Kawai, author of Conversations with Mother GoddessNatalie Kawai is a spiritual teacher and guide. Born on the shores of Lake Geneva, Switzerland, she now lives in Hawaii. Clairaudient from birth, and moved by her intense desire always to go deeper in understanding the whys of the whys, she found the voice of the Great Mother of Creation twelve years ago. Under the Great Mother of Creation’s guidance, she founded LST™—Light Speed Transmutation—a radical system to restore our lost consciousness and drive out the last part of our ego.

Tyler: Welcome, Natalie. Wow, what a book you’ve written. I have tons of questions for you, but let’s begin with my asking, just how you are able to speak to Mother Goddess?

Natalie: I communicate with Her through clairaudience, which is the ability to perceive sounds and voices of the Spirit world.

Tyler: When did you first realize you had this ability, and how did that awareness come about?

Natalie: I was born with it and did not know it was something different. I thought everybody was like me. I had answers and knowledge that were coming to me and people were stunned. That’s how I became aware of my gift.

Tyler: Why did Mother Goddess want to speak with you?

Natalie: I was open to receive and to listen. As a pioneer, my curiosity is insatiable. I always want to go to the core of everything; I’m avid to pierce the mysteries of life. I was digging very deep within myself to address some painful emotions. The emotional energy is the realm of the Goddess, so I had a strong inclination, a hint already of Her presence. I was unknowingly searching for Her, for that part I was feeling was missing within us. Like all searchers, we have a hint and we follow our guts and inner guidance.

Tyler: Did you know from the beginning that a book would result from your conversations?

Natalie: No, but after years of intense dialogues and seeing the amazing results of Her guidance on myself and my students, it became clear that I had to deliver this message to the world.

Tyler: In your conversations, you explain that there is both a Mother Goddess and a Father God. Will you explain what our human relationship is to them?

Conversations with Mother Goddess by Natalie KawaiNatalie: The Father is the first aspect of divinity we know, since the Mother has been denied and forgotten. So we invest in the Father and His teachings, which is great but only presents a portion of the full spectrum of divinity. It is interesting to see that all around us everything is born out of a mother, but because our divine Mother has been denied to begin with, we take birth-giving for granted and don’t realize its importance in the logistics of creation as the first impetus. We are oblivious of Her presence and of Her quality of initiator or birth-giver. Because of this oblivion, a part of our consciousness is still unawake and we live like orphans with a single parent.

Tyler: In the book, you also talk a lot about the ego and how it has caused us to be separated from our origins. Can you explain for our readers how that came about?

Natalie: Incarnating was a bilateral decision that we passed with our Creators in order to experience who we are fully. The problem is that through the shock of the experience, we lose part of our consciousness and forget about this decision. We are in a state of terror and feel abandoned, betrayed, alone, and unworthy.

We rapidly create a system to replace the loss we incurred to feel seemingly whole again, and for that reason, we create the ego with multiple patterns of resistance. We resent our creators very much, and at the same time, we don’t want to admit it; we enter a love/hate relationship and fight our Source, without realizing it, of course. We are caught between our resentment and our natural devotion to the Creators.

Tyler: I know it’s a huge topic, but in a nutshell, how can we go about resolving this issue?

Natalie: The ego having replaced our self, we are afraid that if we let it go, we will actually lose our self or “disappear”; that’s why we are so attached to it. The only way out of this predicament is to retrieve the self hidden underneath the ego so we can be all that we are and stop fighting our Source to identify ourselves. Upon recovering the entirety of our essence, we will once again experience oneness with our Source, this time in consciousness. And that is the purpose of our incarnation!

Tyler: Can this reunion be worked out on earth, or will it occur after our deaths? How will we know if we’ve succeeded, and is it something we have to do individually or as a species?

Natalie: The return is meant to happen while on earth and in the body, since the body allows the experience of “feeling” what it means to be one. Without the body, there is no tangible experience, no realization of self. We will know we have succeeded when we can maintain a feeling of permanent wellbeing with the punch and enthusiasm of initiative and creativity we love to have in a fully expressed life. It’s like falling in love with life, staying excited with a million aspirations that pop into our minds and hearts, leading us to engage in projects and creations in a continuum. An ongoing and renewed excitement! It happens individually, but since we are all one on the soul level, when one of us has achieved that state of consciousness, it engages others to do the same and so on. When one monkey starts peelings its banana, the other monkeys across the globe start peeling theirs. The return will extend to the entire human species.

Tyler: Natalie, with the understanding you have about humanity and the workings of the universe, is there any place left for our longstanding religions such as Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, or Buddhism?

Natalie: Organized religions give people a sense of guidance, communion, and reassurance with the divine since our soul craves its original fuel and belonging with its Creators. They represent an early stage of consciousness development, when we start on the journey of evolution. Once we have grown further and become more conscious, we are asked to mature and find the parts of us that are missing. We are ready to regain our lost divinity so that we can commune in a permanent manner. It is our responsibility to get to that point of wholeness. Upon the full activation of our true nature, we will individually and naturally connect with divinity and will have a constant dialogue, which will change our need for religion into a more personal consecration of the divine. The social and cultural aspects of religions are important because they bring people together to celebrate their belonging with divinity and consecrate our divine origin. So yes, religions will endure because it is in human nature to honor our Creators. Religions’ precepts and rituals will change according to the progress we make in the retrieval of our presence, which will address the unconscious agenda of redemption that lies within. We will then come from a true desire to communicate and substantiate.

Tyler: A lot of people describe themselves today as being “spiritual” as opposed to “religious.” And a lot of those people tend to believe in the Law of Attraction, which has become so popular in the last decade, so I was surprised by how you take the Law of Attraction to task in the book. What are the problems with believing in the Law of Attraction?

Natalie: The Law of Attraction is real without a doubt. The main issue with it is that if it gives people what they want (sometimes), it also leads them to believe that this is enough, that it covers the purpose, and if they have what they want, they’ll be happy and safe. It is an easy justification of life and of self. Chasing happiness outside of self is illusionary. It is a partial solution and people might be happy for a while, but deep within, they will still feel a sense of missing something, and keep repressing it and denying it. No matter what you can live in life, if you don’t have your wholeness of self, your total concordance with your Source, it will only be a topical solution. When you get what you want by mimicking Source and being positive, which is the Law of Attraction, you have not taken care of the real problem, which is to become whole by retrieving the lost self yearning within, and thus eliminating the ego with its patterns.

Mimicking Source is not being Source, which is the purpose, the reason why we incarnate. If we really want our societies to grow, we have to extract the ego out of our equations. Then true love will finally flow. Being positive is great, but the cost, unfortunately, is denial, and that is harmful.

Tyler: If readers come away with only one new understanding or message from your book, what would you hope that would be?

Natalie: If people just understand how vital it is to stop the denial of our emotions and retrieve the lost essence to become whole, I would be thrilled! With denial, there is ego, and with ego, the flow of genuine love is paralyzed. When the energy of the universe, true love, is paralyzed, there is room for its antagonist, hatred, and that is the source of all wars, whether internal or external.

Tyler: Natalie, there is a lot more information in your book than we have time to discuss here. Can you just tell us what some of the other topics in the book are that you think will especially interest readers?

Natalie: The book opens a new chapter in our evolution. It offers a turning point in the way we have been taught about life and the way we usually consider it. It reveals and offers a new approach. Some of the topics that will be of interest are:

What happened in the beginning of time—crucial to know since it brings answers to the questions we all ask ourselves about life.

The reasons we came in humanity and what we wanted to accomplish with it.

Why we still have missing parts in us, and how to regain them.

The role of pain and how to deal with it constructively, without falling into denial.

The role of guilt and how it came about.

The difference between believing and knowing.

The resistance we unknowingly & constantly oppose toward our Source and why we do it.

The nature of Source, our destiny and how our faculty to create really works.

Our role and where we stand within the universe.

And mostly, they will learn about what needs to happen to find that state of permanent wellbeing that we all dream of!

Tyler: Thank you, again, Natalie, for joining me today. Before you go, will you tell us a little about your website and what additional information the reader can find there as well as where Conversations with Mother Goddess is available?

Natalie: Tyler it has been my delight to answer your great questions. People can find my book on and on Amazon:

Tyler: Thank you again, Natalie. It’s been an enlightening conversation that I’m sure has given our readers a lot to think about.

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