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April 4, 2011

Interview with author John Reyer about his End to End Saga and *TrillionCool*

John Reyer: Before we start, I just want to say, “Hi” to the ant that just went by. The one with the biggest head leading all the other ants….That’s all.

Tyler: John, you recently wrote about Chekhov’s rule not to include anything irrelevant, so is that ant really relevant, or can we focus on the task at hand?

John Reyer: “Ouch” have you had your coffee yet, Doctor? Sorry, I beg your pardon. Ant is most definitely relevant. It’s a reference to what a TRUFUNK soldier is like—hardworking like an Ant, and we are Intertextual and Meta in every way possible. About the Chekhov’s Gun/Rule, to me it’s an oxymoron that, I’d like to add, works, because on one hand it encourages the use of something seemingly random in the present, but then the “moral” of the rule is about Relevance. But in saying that, I think that the moral comes from those enforcing the rule, when Chekhov purely wanted to create a device? Help me out here, Ed; you’re the one with the PHD; alls I got is ETF…ETF stands for Emotional Techno Fiction.

Tyler: Sorry, no I haven’t had my coffee yet. Because you’re something like twelve hours ahead of me, we always do these interviews too early in the morning. The pot is almost brewed though. I’ll go get a cup while you answer my next question, which is, what were you thinking by killing off the Guy at the beginning of this story, and is he really dead or just out of the future stories? I mean, he’s one of my favorite characters, so what were you thinking?

John Reyer: It’s Grandstanding actually by a Novice as he tries to implement a literary technique or plot device. Headline reads: Novice writer wannabe Author kills Character Himself using Chekhov’s Gun… LMAO

Tyler: Okay, I’m back. I didn’t catch everything you said, but it probably doesn’t matter anyway. But from what I did catch, it seems like you’re making a shift in your writing with killing off The Guy. Does that make it the end of an era?

John Reyer: Only if you believe it to be; for me, it’s the beginning of the Halcyon Days. Lots of plots to hatch, big fish to catch, and new stories to write. Regarding killing off The Guy like I have in the opening scenes of “Novice Aspiration,” GUIOPERA IV—I am—or Metofeaz is—asking is John Reyer a Novice? In how he’s created the work in a specific genre—Metafiction—which allows the author to do this, and then on top of that he grandstands by throwing in Chekhov’s Gun a Literary device and hopefully he’s at least: 1) posed a serious question as to the ability of the novice, 2) opened a door for a twist later on, and 3), highlighted that the GUIOPERA is also a platform tailored to the web and Product Placement, which makes all of what’s written “Relevant” in that context, when it may not be in as far as a normal story is concerned.

Tyler: Are you willing to admit that you’re just a Postmodern writer with an uncanny knack of implementing Metafiction in your work?

John Reyer: Does “implementing” imply I tried? I was born into a Postmodern environment of moderately educated migrant parents, with big dreams, and we had a close relationship because we were Christian; we had family time at least three times a day so we all knew what was going on. I don’t think you could learn what I do, in saying that, but I could teach it to you—Postmodern Conceptualization—Reinventing Oneself—the documentation—LOL.

Tyler: But we all live in the “postmodern” world, don’t we, so what makes it special for you, or should I say, what makes you so special, or gives you the belief you can represent it accurately or give us insight into our postmodern world in the way the rest of us can’t?

John Reyer: I’m not special at all; it’s all about penetration. Light is light; it moves from point to point. Emotion is feeling from select chemicals compounding as a reaction to something. Perception is personal; it’s a case of whether this light has penetrated and caused a chemical reaction. If something feels unbelievable, we tend to stay interested in it. Add to that, if it makes you laugh, cry, and forget about your own reality for a moment, then that’s Special.

Tyler: When did you realize you were onto, um, something…special?

John Reyer: When I realized that it had to be about something or else it was just this bunch of blah, blah….

Seriously, I hoped there was something to help explain the style, and in one of your reviews you said my work reminded you of Postmodern Literature, and so I looked it up and low and behold, there’s a bunch of us going back a while who feel the need to take on the system, and we do it with such style and self-awareness that the poor system which we do need to keep the whole GAME going looks terribly evil.

Tyler: In the e2esaga or End-to-End Saga is a series of Synopses by the characters including yourself, in which you divulge that Tone Horroh has been lampooning as you in the US. Is there any truth to these revelations?

John Reyer: I’d rather not go into the e2esaga. I had very little control over what happened during that time. The new gig—*Trillion Cool*—is much more exciting.

Tyler: Okay. What is *Trillion Cool*?

John Reyer: Thought you’d never ask. *Trillion Cool* is again Metafiction at play. Let’s pretend I am stuck in an endless saga because I was born into a bloodline from an Assassin whose offspring includes dudes from all over the planet, and that somehow we all came together when the Network found us as children and planned our lives so we all ended up in LMLA-ink. Well, the time has come for the Poet Soldier to stand up and do his thing, bring a little joy to the world, travel it, spread good vibes by writing the GUIOPERA. Taking on serious issues in a light-hearted manner so it gives people a plausible angle from which they can accept the system and its flaws. This is what I’m about to do, coast to coast, shore to shore, server to client, face to face, heart to heart, mind on mind, pillar to node, from me to you—tru story!

Tyler: How do you propose you’re going to spread this goodwill?

John Reyer: Via the New Global Realm.

Tyler: John, you almost speak in riddles, especially for those not familiar with your work. Can you explain what you mean by the New Global Realm? Sounds like a plot to establish a new world order?

John Reyer: Haha, freaking hell, Tyler, are you trying to make me sound like a Terrorist? Can I add LOL on the end of that one? The New Global Realm is a code name by the Network for the Internet, in which LMLA-ink Operatives were rumored to have been involved in leaking details about the web—specifically how the Military were using it back in the late ’80s. The rumor is The Guy leaked it as a red herring to British Intelligence under instruction from US intelligence when The Guy worked on a project in Iraq in ’91. LOL needs to be on the end that one def….

Tyler: Oh, I thought maybe you were in on the plot to overthrow Gaddafi or something. That said, with everything going on in the world right now, what place does your spreading of goodwill have?

John Reyer: If I can get enough coverage, the GUIOPERA will entertain so many people in a very affordable manner, mostly free to the reader. High quality product for next to nothing, alls you need is a connection to the New Global Realm.

Tyler: And where can they get this entertainment—I know you have a website, and now I hear you’re into kindle books, is that true? And I’ve heard something about Facebook?

John Reyer:,, Yes, we’re bringing Facebook in as a distribution mechanism to alert people of the LATEST UPLOAD, and hopefully, with a bit of luck when we find the right investor, we’ll develop GUIOPERA applications for fans to play and interact with the story, and set up the TV arm of the operation. Regarding investors, if you know anyone who wants to commission LMLA-ink to document their life in the GUIOPERA let me know. It’ll be like a portrait of a patron, with a golden handshake and parachute of lute. Yeah?

Tyler: Just what does “Trillion Cool” mean—a trillion of what?

John Reyer: As the Poet Soldier, I have to come up with ways of keeping all of the Network enthused. The Network consists of Money makers, as well as characters like my crew Lazoo and company. My boys only want one thing, congruency—that means Peace from fighting for Justice and Equality. They’re the counterweight for the Money makers who need them to generate the ideas to bring the money in. LMLA-ink has promised the GUIOPERA will turn over Trillions of Dollars for the Money men; in the process LMLA-ink will entertain the fans, whether we make a cent or not.

Tyler: These children of assassins that have been brought together, as you mentioned earlier, are these your old characters from LMLA-ink’s GUIOPERAS, people like Lazoo and Polina Rada? Are we going to see more of them in this story?

John Reyer: Yes, Polina and Lazoo are still LMLA-ink’s Marquee Characters. Lazoo will Star in next year’s GUIOPERA in NYC—LAZOO II the TRU STORY! It’s like anything else; you’ve got to save your trump card, and so Johnny Reyer comes out of hiding this year to tow the line in GUIOPERA 4 “Novice Aspiration,” just as The Guy has done over the last couple of years.

Tyler: Okay. When we started off, I felt like I was interviewing Charlie Sheen, but now we’re getting somewhere. Can you tell me in plain English what the next book will be about? What’s the plot? Is there a love interest? You know—what will make it entertaining to people?

John Reyer: Charlie has an airplane; I travel economy class. But we do share something in common; it seems whatever we do we’re relevant. Charlie makes people laugh. He’s tripping and I’m delusional…LMAO!

Anyways, GUIOPERA 4 is about a Novice writer whose created this Monster online app—GUIOPERA—now he has to see if it works. So he sets off on a journey which ends in 2020. At the same time, the former player meets this honey of a Romance writer online, whom he wants to lure into writing a part in the GUIOPERA so he can showcase how multiple writers can perform in the GUIOPERA under the Novice’s instruction; the objective of the exercise is to show what can be done to Stephen King and John Grisham whom the Novice wants to join him in NYC in 2012 to perform LAZOO II.

Novice Aspiration takes place in Wellington, NZ, where the Novice returns en route to NYC. All this and the Novice’s past is going to make this one a doozy.

Tyler: I hear for the first time you’re going to be writing the GUIOPERA in a different location this year, and that each year you plan to live somewhere else while you write it? Why does that matter if we’re going to read it on the Internet? Is that just some cheap publicity stunt, or do you think it’s a legitimate selling point?

John Reyer: Wow, dude, I asked at the beginning of the interview if you had taken your coffee. Seems like your mood is incurable or I’m so captivating that you forgot to go get caffeine. Anyways, can handle.

No, it’s not a publicity stunt. The GUIOPERA is not only a story, but it’s installation/performance art, with the New Global Realm as its canvas. Whether or not it’s a selling point is irrelevant. The location will add to the potency of my work; trust me, you ain’t seen, tasted, experienced, consumed, mused and conceivably tried absorbing anything remotely similar to the distinct taste of what I’m about to concoct onsite, down on the street. It’s going to be deep, with a teaspoon of sugar (cheesy pop music) to help it go down like a drug. World Wide, coast to coast, shore to shore, Facebook posts to let u know the LATEST UPLOAD is ready! PEACE OUT! The Halcyon Days in the *Trillion Cool* are here, promise!

Tyler: Sorry. I just felt the caffeine from the coffee starting to kick in so I feel better now. Since the GUIOPERA starts around Labor Day, what will you be doing between now and then to stir up the fans?

John: I land in the Land of the Long White Cloud—New Zealand in mid-May and will conduct a five day pilot at the end of May as a teaser for what’s coming later in the year. Then there’s a lot to do to also plan for next year’s GUIOPERA in NYC.

Tyler: Thanks, John. I’m going to rest up now for the next interview. For our readers, if they wish to find out more about the end to end saga, they can visit: or – End to End Saga by John Reyer Afamasaga etfiction by John Reyer Afamasaga GUIOPERA by John Reyer Afamasaga



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